September 30, 2007

yes and beloit

You can go here to purchase your very own copy.

Limited edition (100 copies); poem permanently linked here.

In addition: I received a lovely rejection from Beloit, who told me I had an almost-poem and explained why it didn't make it, which just blew me over. Handwritten, even.

Said poem, along with the others they didn't want, are going back into the mail on Monday. Not sure where just yet, but the boomerang is the way to go.

And one more thing: Am working on applications for graduate school. Making lists, checking them twice. Have a GRE scheduled for November 3rd, just before my birthday. Gulp. It's all happening so fast, but it's good. I feel good about it all.

Happy nearly-October. It is rainy here in Red Wing, but I love thunderstorms, especially when I can read in bed through them, occasionally spotting a flash out the window.

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