November 10, 2007

woo hoo!

Hello all; I hope things have been well with you. I just thought I'd update you on some neat things going on in poetry in my world:

- My poetry postcard has officially been released into the world. It's prettier than I imagined, and you can buy your very own copy here.
- I applied and was accepted into the Intermedia Mentorship program called Writer-to-Writer. I'm working with Jude Nutter, who just won the Minnesota Book Award for poetry. Critiques have been phenomenally helpful, which is exactly what I need right now--learning how to develop that critical eye with my own work.
- I'm also working with Carolyn with Split Rock Arts online mentorship, and it's also going fabulously, but that is no surprise!
- And today, I just found out I was accepted to the Palm Beach Poetry Festival this winter (thanks, Teresa, for introducing it to me). I don't know if my principal will allow that much time off from school; we're waiting to hear back, but I'm still shocked and pleased I was accepted at all.

What about you? What's going on in your realm?