March 8, 2008

Minnesota Book Awards: Reader's Choice

Hello all:

Just wanted to point out the Minnesota Book Awards' Readers Choice voting is going on all through March. While I don't want to sway you, the reason why I know about this is because my friend Eireann Lorsung's music for landing planes by has been nominated. I encourage you to go and vote; I think a book of poetry, be it hers or someone else's, ought to win out this year!

All you have to do is click here and scroll down to vote!

March 5, 2008

Update on Book

T hought I would spread the news. I decided to self publish the autobiographical poems in a book called "CHASING MOONBEAMS " to be done by AuthorHouse. It will be 6x9 format and I am working with an artist now. I worked very hard at revising all the poems. I did three full edits, took me days and days -(actually a few weeks), and then I did another edit. Would you believe I found three mistakes? I'll have to correct them on the galleys. I am working on a book of "Jewish or "Spiritual" poems called " as of this moment, "Drowning in the Desert". It will probably change. I will submit it to Jewish Lights Publishing Company and maybe Behrman House and maybe my own school's publishing co. Hebrew Union College. I am off this weekend to the only writing conference for Jewish writers. The poet last year was Alan Shapiro. This year, I suggested Jason Sommer and he is coming. I love his work- the intensity, the religious imagery- and its sophistication. I spent 10 hectic days with 21 Rabbis in Central Europe- The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, but I haven't completely digested all the feelings yet for poems.
Happy writing to all. My poem called "I am Eve" is being published in a journal called DuPage Arts (from Benedictine University). Itis a midrash on the Eve story.

I am sure you all heard about the campus shootings in Illinois- that was on my campus- the town where my congregation is. Most of my congregants are professors- 90% of the congregation is employed by Northern Illinois University. It has been traumatic. I wrote a bad poem called Lonely Boy. Guell I am too close to put things in perspective. Hope everyone is well.