September 18, 2007

From Milwaukee

It's good to hear everyone's news. I check the Poetry Daily website each day. On September 4th, there was a great poem by Thom Gunn called "A Sketch of the Great Dejection". Then, on September 5th, a great poem entitled "Sale" by Mary Kinzie. I'd never heard of her, and have purchased one of her books, which is sittng in the stack of books I plan to get to.

I'm finishing up a biography of Lyndon Johnson, which is fascinating. I'm very preoccupied, in my reading and plans for poems, with putting myself and my experience in historical context. Possibly that's a common phenomenon for a person into their fifties..... any observations on that from my fellow poets?

Other than that, my days are full of work, union related concerns, yoga, sinus trouble and a class called "Spanish For Restaurant Staff". It's just once a week but I'm trying to get in a little study with the CD's. Working Milwaukee's South Side, I get to practice everything I learn immediately, so it should stick! All my best... Sue

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veg-mart said...

hey, sue!

thanks for the heads-up on those poets--i'll have to check them out!

i am looking forward to reading a future poem of yours titled "spanish for restauant staff"!!!

it's funny, but whenever anyone mentions LBJ, the first image that pops into my head is roller skating on the vast, modernist plaza of the LBJ library in Austin . . . at night, in the heat.