August 4, 2007

required reading, seasonal

Photo: From this site.

I have been thinking about how Carolyn mentioned we should study a poet, in depth, each season. I am thinking about fall, about school starting, about motivation, and I am thinking about this great community we could build here. I am also thinking about which poet to start with... what if we did this together? What do you think? We could send each other all kinds of neat reference sites and little tidbits of information, have book discussions.

Just a thought.

I also have a question for the group: I'd like to bring some books of poems along with me to Alaska. Any suggestions for good travel companions for my honeymoon? I'd love something that will root me in the geography and in the water. We're cruising along, stopping on occasion to ride horses, kayak, explore microbreweries, and possibly gather the courage to zip line (he's ready; I'm still working on that fear of heights bit) through the forest. Let me know what you think! :)


CX said...


I've been thinking about Carolyn's advice of the seasonal poet, I would enjoy "picking" it with others...still thinking of which poet, that indeed is part of the fun.

And, for the Alaska/honeymoon reading, in searching my library, I have no Alaskan poets or poetry to mention; however, your questioning drew me to Jane Hirshfield on my particular, her most recent book AFTER. Her calm, meditative poems here on everything from water to burlap, from bear to tears, from mountains to her assays on single words like "To" & "And" are delightful, insightful, and comforting. Poems full of earth.

michelle said...

doing the seasonal reading together is a great idea--count me in! :)