September 21, 2009

Where Are You?

What has happened to all of you? Has this fallen by the wayside when so much is happening in the world? Let's try to resurrect this!

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Carolyn Forche said...

Dear poets,
It's been so long! Thank you, Mikki, for reminding us of our beautiful workshop that summer of the collapsed bridge. I have moved to Georgetown University, and so at last can live at home during the academic year. I'm still cancer-free, and am about to enter my new round of screening. I'm still at work on that memoir (am now re-writing--again!).
I'll be teaching a benefit workshop at Hedgebrook, a writer's residence on Whidbey Island (for women) December 7th -12th. It's going to be small--six poets--and the place is spectacularly beautiful, but as it is fully a benefit for Hedgebrook, it is a bit expensive. If any of you are interested, writing to me at my new email: It might already be full, I'm just not sure.
I'd love to hear from all of you when you have the chance. Let's start posting again...
Much love,