March 5, 2008

Update on Book

T hought I would spread the news. I decided to self publish the autobiographical poems in a book called "CHASING MOONBEAMS " to be done by AuthorHouse. It will be 6x9 format and I am working with an artist now. I worked very hard at revising all the poems. I did three full edits, took me days and days -(actually a few weeks), and then I did another edit. Would you believe I found three mistakes? I'll have to correct them on the galleys. I am working on a book of "Jewish or "Spiritual" poems called " as of this moment, "Drowning in the Desert". It will probably change. I will submit it to Jewish Lights Publishing Company and maybe Behrman House and maybe my own school's publishing co. Hebrew Union College. I am off this weekend to the only writing conference for Jewish writers. The poet last year was Alan Shapiro. This year, I suggested Jason Sommer and he is coming. I love his work- the intensity, the religious imagery- and its sophistication. I spent 10 hectic days with 21 Rabbis in Central Europe- The Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, but I haven't completely digested all the feelings yet for poems.
Happy writing to all. My poem called "I am Eve" is being published in a journal called DuPage Arts (from Benedictine University). Itis a midrash on the Eve story.

I am sure you all heard about the campus shootings in Illinois- that was on my campus- the town where my congregation is. Most of my congregants are professors- 90% of the congregation is employed by Northern Illinois University. It has been traumatic. I wrote a bad poem called Lonely Boy. Guell I am too close to put things in perspective. Hope everyone is well.

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