January 24, 2008

Palm Beach (where my palms stick to my laptop)

I wish there were images I could upload to my laptop for this, but I will say this: little lizards darting, palm trees, and sweat trickling down my temples. I will say this too: we know what it means, subzero, when we are from Minnesota. They do not know what this means in Florida, nor is my winter coat any use.

It's gorgeous here, though they keep us quite occupied at the Palm Beach Poetry Festival. Workshops in the morning, craft talks and conferences in the afternoons, and readings at night. Teresa knows this--she also knows what goes on after the readings. :) It's so easy when everyone stays in the same hotel, it's hot in your room...

Last night: a poetry reading from Kim Addonazio and Thomas Lux, something like a party, something that would appeal to every non-poet I would know. At one point, Kim came onstage and accompanied one of Tom's poems with the harmonica. And there were many words, including "pussy" and "bastards" that rang out in that theatre.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well in your poetry adventures. I think I mentioned a poem coming out in Dislocate this spring as well as MFA applications... I just finished, and I ended up with a whopping eighteen schools, nine of which are spread across the country, and the other nine are low-res programs (this, after several people, including the department head and the principal mentioned a position would be opening next year). We shall see where the future takes me!

Missing you all.

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