September 6, 2007

Nice Rejection

Just wanted you all to know, I got the nicest rejection from a publisher ever. I got an honorable mention for my chapbook called "Dwelling in the desert" and a particular notice for the poem 'Martyr" from the publisher- all handwritten. I thought it wqas nice he took the time to write about my poetry even though I did not win. I"ll keep on. I wrote a complete service for Selichot, which is a preparatory service before the High Holy Days. I wrote it in free verse. I lookeed at the services and thought I could say something more contemporary. We'll see how the congregation reacts. Now I am working on a poem on the effect of "Words" since so many of the sins we talk about on Yom Kippur are sins of the tongue. I have not given up. I think the name of my first book of poems on growing up, etc, will be called ' Masquerade" . Any Thoughts. The second one is still in development. And I have two more sermons to go....

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