August 9, 2007

Wednesday Evening, Down by the River

Tall chicory, Queen
Anne's lace, green grass growing, here
down by the river

Brown-eyed Susan,
big blue stem, large bee bouncing
down by the river

This sumac turning
orange-yellow, one small willow
down by the river

--CX Dillhunt
(August 1, 2007, East Bank, Minneapolis)


michelle said...

this really tugs at my heartstrings, cliff--it's beautiful. one of the things i love about mpls is that they really "get" the whole native plant, prairie restoration deal, and this poem captures that wonderfully: for me, this poem isn't just about the plants, but about what government can do, if it has it's head on straight.

michelle said...

. . . also, i found the internal rhyme (yellow/willow) very charming and unexpected--a nice thing to save for the last stanza.