August 24, 2007

honey love moon

I suppose it's only appropriate that I admit I have a regular blog. And while I love words, I also love my camera (not as much, of course!). So there you are. Feel free to visit my blog, tease me during those workshop posts, etc. :)

We had a wonderful honeymoon. The full post is here, with many, many more pictures.

And with Carolyn's advice, I kept many copious notes, during tours and other little whatnot bits of information, of which I may not have taken, save her urging. There are some snippets and a poem or two. Tomorrow I start my new school year, but I plan to put together a few poems shortly!

But for now, some images:

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early hours of sky said...

Okay now I want to go to Alaska!!!!
I am glad you had a great time and a safe trip.