August 18, 2007

Hello From Sue B.

Hello everyone! I got home from Boston/New Jersey/Connecticut last Monday night but it's been a busy week. I wish I could take the rest of the summer off to read all your postings carefully (at leisure, not on the fly), WRITE, try some of the exercises on the site and just walk while the summer deepens and wanes. But I only have 3 1/2 vacation days left, a local union newsletter to get out and have to work this weekend too, at a festival.

I absorbed so much this summer, at Nebraska and during our wonderful week, but have had very little quiet time to renew the state of mind that generates poems. Well - it'll come. Follow this link - to the Blue Fifth Review, where the poem "For Su Tung P'o" appears. I'm so glad we have this blog. Be well, everyone.

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veg-mart said...

hey, sue! it sounds like you're having a lot of travel and adventure! congratulations on your publication . . . and keep in touch!