August 7, 2007


Photo: from GRSF website

For those of you who live in the area, keep an eye out for the Great River Shakespeare Festival, for which I've done a small amount of volunteering. Every summer, for one month, they put on two productions, generally a tragedy and a comedy, in Winona, alongside some great music and discussion series. The Winona Daily has an article about the event here. I love that you can sit in a cozy chair and read Shakespeare on a rainy day, but you can't deny the magical experience of actually witnessing a play well performed.

The season is over for this year, but it looks like Love's Labours Lost and The Merchant of Venice is on for next year.

I've also been to the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival, and there really is little compared to having a picnic basket and wine with people you love, your toes dug into the sand, overlooking the many-blued Tahoe and peering down onto the stage, the sound of surf and Shakespeare wafting up.

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michelle said...

i don't know a lot about shakespeare, but i did have a very interesting opportunity to t.a. for a course taught by an actor, which really focused on how even pretty subtle staging & performative elements really can have drastic effects on the meaning of the plays. it makes me think about the performative element of poetry in general . . . for instance, it's hard to imagine billy collins' poetry without that really dry, ironic voice--which, for me, adds another level of interpretation.