August 31, 2007

the end of summer

Hello all:

I wanted to share the news that a poem of mine, "Harry Houdini" has been accepted by Yes Press. I am mentioning this, not just to say HUZZAH! but also to point out a really great new place to submit poems. My friend Eireann and two other people I have met and find fabulous, Zach and Brian, have begun a letterpress broadside venture where the poetry appears on post cards. You can find submission information here.

Also, I've mentioned before that I like taking pictures. I have a picture a day project, and my sister (who is studying photojournalism) and I have recently started a new push for a duet photo a day project.

I think this is one thing that has sprung from my interest in words and experience: being more observant.

Hope you are all well! Gros bisous.

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